Alternative Investments Group

The Alternative Investments Group (AIG) is Emory’s organization dedicated to engaging and educating students in the private equity, venture capital and hedge fund industries. Although the group is geared toward Junior and Senior BBAs, all are welcome to participate in the group’s open educational seminars and other events. Throughout the year, members will become knowledgeable about various alternative asset classes, gain technical and modeling experience, expand their finance network and have the opportunity to compete in several competitions.

What do we do?


We hold educational seminars regarding the different areas of alternatives. These range from introductory overviews of the industries to more advance technical workshops regarding strategies, fee structures and modeling. We are proud to be one of the most accessible groups to undergraduates interested in learning more about private equity, venture capital and hedge funds—and we cater to students of any experience level.


We provide the opportunity for students to get involved with three competitions throughout the semester. In the fall, we host the AIG Hedge Fund Competition, where teams get to competitively trade $10M for 10 weeks in a virtual account based on a strategy of their choosing. In the spring, we host the AIG Buyout Competition, a one-day private equity buyout case competition. We also let BBA teams participate in the MBA Venture Capital Investment Competition to get exposure to entrepreneurship financing by acting as a VC firm considering potential investments. Competitions are a great way for students to further their understanding of alternatives, test what they have learned, and gain practical experience about these industries.

Guest Speakers

Going beyond the walls of academia and into the applied world, we host various guest speakers whom are practitioners from the industry to share their experiences and insights. Developing a personal network in the finance arena is critical to success in the field, which is why we facilitate this process by exposing students to renowned individuals (both investors and managers). We are proud to play a role in jump-starting careers and helping expose students to the wisdom and expertise of our speakers.

What are some examples of alternative investments?

Private Equity




Venture Capital


Renewable Energy


Among others

Hedge Funds

Real Estate

Fund of Funds

Film Production

AIG focuses predominantly on private equity, venture capital and hedge funds.

What's going on now?


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Aram Kaplanian


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